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How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe to Work From Home

Rose Wheeler

Posted on November 28 2018

How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe to Work From Home

“Everybody’s working for the weekend!” On Sunday nights, millions of people are planning out their work attire for the following day. Come Monday morning, they’re dreading the start of the work week. They have to force themselves out of their homes and are usually headed for their car, the train station, or the bus stop.

What about those who don’t have to leave their homes for work? For the growing number of people who work from home, should they be planning out their work attire? They should!

When it comes to the “normal” 9 to 5, many people are filling their closets with blazers, blouses, pencil skirts, trousers, and even two-piece suits. If they knew how to make their lives easier, they could plan out their “capsule wardrobe!” This is a group of essential items that can be paired and switched throughout your closet. In an office setting, a normal capsule wardrobe might consist of blouses, pencil skirts, and pumps. For those who work from home, you can definitely ditch the constricting pencil skirts and uncomfortable heels!

One of the major benefits of working from home is the lax attire! While you probably shouldn’t lie around in sweats all day, you can definitely leave the heels in your closet. There are tons of current jobs that allow people to work from home. Some of these are web developers, writers, accountants, and project managers. Although these jobs provide the comfort of working in one’s home, you never know when you’ll have to be on the go for a meeting or look presentable for a video conference. This is why your work-from-home wardrobe is important, and now we’ll tell you what you need!


The common capsule wardrobe is said to have 37 pieces, but you can definitely create a well-rounded one with fewer items! You’ll need to start with basics tops. When building your collection, you want to stick to neutral colors. Start with a simple black, white, or gray t-shirt! While you might want to choose a crewneck, a V-neck gives off a more polished look!

In your collection of tops, you should also have one or two button-ups. You can always go the safe route with white, and for a nice pop of color throughout the week, soft pastels like pink and blue work well as accent colors. Rounding out the tops, you can also add a sweater to your capsule wardrobe. Your options are almost limitless, but if you’re often in a video conference, stay away from extra bright colors and bold patterns!


Your capsule wardrobe should also include a varying set of bottoms. You don’t need to pull out trousers for your at-home workday, but you can definitely get by with jeans! When it comes to picking your jeans, your wardrobe would be complete with blue, black, and white pairs. And leave the distressing for the weekends! While you might love the look of ripped jeans, they don’t pair well with any workspace, the office or your house.


If you needed a well-rounded capsule for work, you can’t forget about the shoes! You can definitely leave the heels in your closet. In order to create a comfortable but put-together look, your wardrobe can include flat boots, or even heeled boots, if they’re comfortable for you! Your capsule wardrobe also has room for slip-on sneakers, like Vans, and flats!


These are all your capsule wardrobe basics for working from home, but sometimes you need to step out quickly! In this case, you’d probably need a jacket! Opt for a simple jacket or a neutral colored blazer! As long as your top and jeans are also neutral, a black, grey, or white blazer will work perfectly with it!

When it comes to working from home and working at an office, the one major difference is the commute. If you work from home, you should still put some thought into your wardrobe! The amazing thing about a capsule wardrobe is that most of the items can work throughout all four seasons, so you can add a few other seasonal pieces to spruce your attire up! Whether you’re commuting to the office or right downstairs to your home office, a capsule wardrobe is just what you need to look your best!

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