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Holiday Gift Guide: Teenage Sister

Rose Wheeler

Posted on December 03 2018

Holiday Gift Guide: Teenage Sister

If you’re the cool older sister, you know raising your little sis is a fulltime job. She’s always looking up to you, and you gotta nurture her own, unique style without letting it fully infringe on your own. Let this gift guide help you pick out the perfect present to make her feel both grown up and as giddy as a kid at heart.


Super Cool Mug

Holiday Gift Guide: Teenage Sister

Is she dipping her toes into the trendy world of teas or coffees? Let her know you think she’s totally adult enough to caff up but still cute enough to do it from this adorable mug.


Snazzy Leggings

Holiday Gift Guide: Teenage Sister

She’s surely trying to come up with her own personal style, so nurture her flair for fashion with a pair of literally out of this world leggings that will let her comfortably fit in with the cool kids while still standing out in a crowd.


Junibel Sweetheart Cuff

Holiday Gift Guide: Teenage Sister

No matter what, she’s your sis and you’re always gonna love her. Let her know it – and fashionably show it! – with this sweet bangle boasting minimal and magical heart accents.


Sister’s Heart Screenprint

Holiday Gift Guide: Teenage Sister

You can take a stylishly sentimental route and snag this screenprint of just what ties you two together in your hearts – shared memories, secrets, and jokes for days!


Paired Temporary Tattoos

Holiday Gift Guide: Teenage Sister

Cement your sisterly love by doing something you do best – giving your parents a mini heart attack! With these super trendy sets of complimentary temporary tattoos, you can test out a visual bond that’s only as permanent as you like.


A Hot Guys Coloring Book

Holiday Gift Guide: Teenage Sister

Bond over some beefcakes with this humorous yet hot gift perfect for a little sister just starting to have crushes.


Astrology Candle

Holiday Gift Guide: Teenage Sister

Celebrate her zodiac with a candle made just for her sign. Whether she’s a cool Capricorn, a stylish Scorpio or a poised Pisces, let her know she rocks – and smells really, really good!

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